We held our second Clockwork Open Mic on Sunday at the Master Park Pavilion. It was a great turn-out on such a damp afternoon, and it was excellent to be able to once again bring people together under the Clockwork banner. And we raised £93.78!

Special mention to Jake Gamble and Mitch Mullender for representing the young musicians committee. They were truly excellent, and weren’t even put off by Matt Hayes flubbing around 80% of the lyrics to American Idiot

Thank you to Matt – with help from Mick Hayes and Steve Gamble – for taking care of the sound, lights and equipment. Thank you to Dom Fitzmaurice and his bar team for taking such good care of everyone. And thank you to Kelly Doughty for providing a lovely spread for us all.

Please add any photos or videos you took in the comments section, we’d love to see them!

We will soon be announcing the date for our summer open mic, so keep your eyes peeled, and please help us spread the word among the young musicians in our community.