It has been too long since we have given everyone an update on what we have been up to, but that does not mean we haven’t been hard at the work in the meantime, so let us fill you in!

Oxted School & Counselling

Since 2018, Clockwork has worked closely with Oxted School to provide counselling resources for students. Initially, Clockwork paid for an additional day’s professional counselling each week in the school. For the 2021/22 academic year, the school arranged for in-house counselling for three days per week and Clockwork provided a grant every term for an additional two days counselling per week. Unfortunately that in-house counselling stopped in November 2022, which left the School with virtually no counselling resource at all.

Following discussions with the School, in February this year Clockwork managed to contract with independent counsellors to provide one-to-one counselling sessions in Oxted School. This initiative has been extremely successful and Clockwork now has four counsellors working in the School, providing a total of 22 sessions per week. This is making an incredible, tangible difference for both staff and students, and will continue into the 2023/24 academic year.

In addition to this, we have continued to provide counselling referrals outside of Oxted School, to young people ranging in age from primary school students to those in their mid-twenties, with sessions available in Oxted and Warlingham. If you would like to learn more, and potentially be referred for counselling, please email

Clockwork’s counselling works by partnering with individuals and organisations to purchase a number of sessions per week. Clockwork pays the counsellors an agreed commercial rate but the counselling is free to the user. Initially, people are typically offered eight weekly sessions, though this can be extended if requested by the counsellor and the user.

The feedback we have received from those who have received counselling referrals – both inside and out of Oxted School – has been overwhelming positive, and it feels like we are managing to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of young people in the local community.

Stories for Change

In May, we published a short film to our YouTube page, and shared on our website and social media channels, called ‘Clockwork – Working for the mental well-being of young people’. This can be viewed at

It featured very powerful, and brave, interviews with two of our Trustees – Kelly Doughty and Peter Green – who have both lost children (Billy and Molly) to suicide. These tragedies were the driving motivation behind the creation of the charity, in order to try and help prevent a repeat of these terrible losses.

The film also featured an interview with our Chair and Founder Matt Hayes, who talked further about the reasons for creating Clockwork, the work that we do to try and support young people, and what our ongoing goals are; as well as a testimonial from Connie, who received counselling sessions after getting in touch with us and requesting a referral.

The video was filmed, edited and produced for us, free of charge, by Stories for Change. Stories for Change is a video platform that captures the powerful stories of people directly affected by human issues, to raise awareness and ignite change. They partner with small charities, like Clockwork, to help them tell their stories. We are incredibly grateful to Stories for Change for using their filmmaking skills to help create the short film, which we think is a really powerful portrayal of who we are and the work we do.

We were also extremely grateful to Queens of The Stone Age – whose album ‘Like Clockwork’, which was Billy’s favourite, inspired the name of the charity – for allowing us to use music from the album free of charge. This was a very kind gesture, and the music really adds to the strength and impact of the film. 

Parents Group

In September, we were looking forward to the return of our Parents and Carers Support Group – a secure, friendly and confidential space to discuss concerns and worries, share experiences and offer each other support. Please keep an eye on our social media pages for further details, or get in touch with Kelly Doughty at for more information. 


On Sunday 24th September, Clockwork will be running an Open Mic event at Master Park Pavilion from 5pm to 8pm. Anyone is welcome to come along and sing a song or two (or read a poem, or just play an instrumental… anything you fancy!) though we would particularly love to see some of Oxted’s young musicians. And, of course, if you just want to come along and listen, you are very welcome. There is no entry fee, but we will have some collection pots available and donations are much appreciated. No need to reserve a spot, just turn up on the day! 

Then on Friday 20th October, the Clockwork ‘Hot Quiz’ will return at Oxted Community Hall This is a quiz with a twist, as each member of each team has to eat increasingly hot chicken wings before each round begins. It makes it that much harder trying to remember the name of that Tudor King or twentieth century Prime Minister after eating a hot wing! If the wings get too hot, and an individual can’t take it anymore, then that team member has to sit out the rest of the quiz, and watch from the sidelines as their team battles on without them!

We also run an auction on the night and are looking for items to be donated that might tempt people to dig deep into their pockets! Please do drop us an email if you have an item you would be willing to donate to the auction.

Tickets are now available, priced at £10 each. If you don’t fancy taking on the chicken wings, you are welcome to come along and watch, grab a drink from the bar, and heckle the poor souls sweating it out on the quiz floor! Tickets can be purchased at 

Fundraising & Donations

A quick reminder that we are still a registered good cause with the Tandridge Together Lottery. It’s very quick and easy to sign up and 50p of your weekly £1 ticket goes to your chosen good cause, with a further 10p going to other local causes. Thanks to all those who have already chosen Clockwork. To sign up, just visit

Croham Hurst Golf Club, who have been raising funds for Clockwork this year as the club’s nominated charity, are holding a charity day on Saturday 19th August where our very own Peter Green, will be on a Clockwork stand selling Pimms! Thank you to all at the club for their support of Clockwork. 

We have been very fortunate to be the beneficiaries of numerous fundraising activities and donations over the past year, and are long overdue thanking our many supporters. We are just in the process of contacting a number of people to ask if we can thank them publicly for their efforts, and once we have the necessary permissions we will be able to share our thanks with you all! 

We would like, however, to end this update by stating a huge, huge thank you to anyone who has donated to Clockwork, whatever the amount, either directly or through a fundraising activity. We cannot help and support people without the generosity, efforts and commitment of our many supporters. So, thank you, and thank you again!

For more information on Clockwork please visit our website; and if you would like to get in touch please drop us an email on