From all involved at Clockwork, we wish everyone a Happy and Positive 2019.

We had hoped that, by now, our Charity Commission Registration would be complete so that we could start to deliver on our mission to help young people. The application process continues; the Commission’s registration process is, quite rightly, rigorous but we are confident that we have answered its numerous questions to the best of our ability and are hopeful that our official registration will be approved soon.

In the meantime, with the specific permission of some of our donors, we have been able to make some progress in the last six months.

Over the summer, we funded additional counselling for young people with Relate through Oxted School, offering urgent support when CAHMs could not. We have been providing one day’s counselling a week, starting last summer term, which has proven to be very successful and worthwhile. Charlie O’Sullivan of Oxted School said: “The additional day of counselling has seen us with a shorter waiting list and allows more students to be seen and supported by an invaluable service. The counsellor working with us on this day has settled in well to the team at Oxted and we are thankful for this opportunity as it allows us to grow our provision, ensuring our students receive the best possible support.”

Clockwork has operated a Parents’ Support Circle, which takes place once a month, and we open up a safe space for parents to confidentially voice any worries they have with regard to their children. The venue is very kindly being offered by Andrew at Robertsons Coffee Shop in Oxted, and dates are confirmed monthly on our Facebook page.

We are very sorry to have lost our wonderful Trustee, Revd Dr Andrew Rumsey. Andrew has been the Rector of the Oxted Team Ministry since 2014 and has been a strong supporter and Trustee of Clockwork since its inception. He has recently been appointed as Bishop of Ramsbury in the Diocese of Salisbury and has moved to Salisbury with his family this month to take up his new post. We wish Andrew and his family all the very best in their new situation. We are very pleased that he has graciously agreed to be the Patron of The Clockwork Trust so, although he will no longer be involved in the day to day work of Clockwork, we will still have the benefit of his experience and support as Patron.

We are pleased to announce that Andrew’s place as Trustee has been taken by Robin Sundt FCA, who will also act as Treasurer for Clockwork. Robin is now retired but spent his career in international marketing and management and brings a wealth of experience to Clockwork.

The building plans for Clockwork’s space behind Idol Hands’ facility have been drawn up and are currently being submitted to the local Council for approval. Builders are also lined up so, once we have approval, we will be able to move quickly to get the space operational.

We are still immensely grateful for all the donations we have received. Thank you to the staff at Jackson Stops and Staffs, George Trapp, The Wives Fellowship of Oxted and Limpsfield, Holland Sports Club with HSFest2018, Pete Green running the marathon on our behalf and KenFest, to name but a few. 

We are looking forward to being able to achieve much more in 2019 once our charitable registration is finalised.

We are always happy to receive emails if you have any questions or comments. Please email: